Friday, February 3, 2012

A Great Whatever (blog story) Introduction

So, here is the new story. I’m calling it A Great Whatever and it’s about a character named Mark Davis. The narrator of the story is you. Actually, it is told from the perspective of Mark in the second person. There are going to be lots of yous and yours. Hopefully, it will allow you to inhabit Mark’s life from a different viewpoint.
       The story starts with Mark’s graduation from college and follows him to age thirty. I don’t want to give too much of the plot away, but things do not turn out the way he thought he would. They never do. I want to say it’s a journey of self-discovery. That is such an overused term. When in your life do you ever consider something a moment of self-discovery? Maybe when you realize you shouldn’t mix wine and tequila. Anyways, at the start Mark is like any of us were, twenty two and completely ignorant.
       This one is going to be fun. Conflict was a good story, but it is difficult to inhabit the space of such flawed characters. I hope you enjoy A Great Whatever. It starts tomorrow with daily updates until it’s done. Thanks!

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