Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Conflict (a blog story) 14

     Neither Judy nor Derrick ever foresaw that Jonah would fight back. As Jonah reached to take the child out of Judy’s arms she grabbed a knife. She cut a wide gash in his open hand. He took hold of her wrist with the other hand and squeezed until she shrieked, releasing her grip and dropping the blade in his bloody palm.
     Judy was horrified and gave up the child without a fight. She clung tightly to the father she knew. As he turned to walk away Derrick rose to his feet and attacked him. Jonah desperately tried to shield the child with his body. Still holding the knife he took from Judy he waived it in the air, but Derrick was unfazed and began to taunt his brother.
     “What are you gonna do, Bro? You gonna cut me with your little knife? Don’t you know retards aren’t supposed to play with sharp knives?”
     Derrick lunged at Jonah. He deliberately and with force sunk the knife deep in Derrick’s chest. Derrick gave out a loud gasp and died almost instantly. Judy screamed and ran to her son.
     “My son. My little boy.” Her years dripped onto his lifeless face. “You can’t leave your momma. Momma loves you.”
     Jonah, in shock at what had happened, stood nearby holding the child. For once he spoke up, albeit meekly. “I am your son too, momma.”
     She looked back at Jonah. He was crying now as he had never done as a baby. He wanted to see some tenderness, some recognition in her eyes. Instead she moaned, “You are a monster. How could you do this? You killed your brother. You are a murderer. You are marked for life. I hope they fry you in the electric chair.” There was no forgiveness here.
     When the police arrived, both Judy and Jonah were placed in handcuffs. Jonah went peaceably, but Judy fought with the officers and had to be subdued. She swore and told them it was all Jonah’s fault. Then she blamed Derrick. She said she was a kindly old grandmother who just wanted to see her grandchild. The scene in the house told a different story and no one was listening to hers.
     As Jonah was led to the police car he knew that he could never reconcile the pain he felt. For all the abuse and torture he endured, Judy and Derrick were his family. He could not bring his brother back. He could not make his mother love him. He was alone and dejected.
     Then he saw Hailey. She was badly beaten but alive. She held her baby in her arms, kissing her over and over again. She did not see Jonah watching her. He wanted to call out. The love and affection she flourished upon their child rendered him mute. He felt a great warmth rise up inside of him. While this great conflict had torn one family asunder he knew he had found another and within it he was complete.

The End

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