Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Conflict (a blog story) 8

     Hailey’s grandmother knocked on the door to Jonah’s house for several minutes. She could hear noise coming from inside, but there was no response. Eventually, she decided to try the door knob and with that the door flew open and Judy was standing before her. She introduced herself and Judy let her inside.
     Judy was a mess. Her hair was clumped and unkempt. Makeup that had been on her face for days was smudged and streaking. Her clothes looked as if she had been sleeping in them, but she had really been up for days.
     The house was no better. There were scorched marks on the walls and places on the floor where the carpet had been pulled up. It was cluttered and filthy. Hailey’s grandmother was shocked. She had to pull herself together to talk about the matter at hand.
     “I am here about Jonah.”
     Judy took a moment to shake her head and clear her thoughts. “What has he done?”
     “He hasn’t done anything, not really.” She wanted to ease Judy into the news she had. “He has been staying with us for a while. Both Hailey and I are very fond of Jonah. In fact, I believe Hailey and Jonah are in love.”
     Judy’s face was emotionless like someone was reading her the phone book.
     “As sometimes happens…” She paused for a minute then blurted it out. “I think Hailey is pregnant.”
     Once Judy realized what she was being told, her eyes lit up and she started to snicker. Judy cackled, “Your Hailey is pregnant and you think my Jonah is the father? Hailey may be pregnant, but Jonah is not the daddy.” Hailey’s grandmother was taken aback. “Derrick is the father.”
     “Who is Derrick?” She asked.
     “That’s my other boy. Look, if you want some money he’s going to be in prison for the next couple of years so Hailey is on her own. Hell, he probably won’t be much of a provider when he gets out.” Judy was tickled and could not hide it.
     Hailey’s grandmother knew there was something wrong with Judy and did not know what to believe coming out of her mouth.
     “Hailey and Jonah want to be together.”
     “If Jonah wants his brother’s sloppy seconds I’m sure Derrick doesn’t mind. He can have her.”
     She was appalled by Judy’s coarseness. “I want Jonah to stay with us.”
     “Keep him. I don’t care.” She didn’t. “I he wants his stuff though, tell him I sold it or it got stolen. Make something up. There’s nothing for him here.”
     As far as Hailey’s grandmother was concerned it was the only thing Judy said that made sense. During the walk home her face was so red with anger that her cheeks burnt to the touch.

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