Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Great Whatever (blog story) 15

     With the engagement officially on Heather wasted no time telling everybody. She even went around showing off the ring she didn’t like, but made sure to point out that it wasn’t the real ring. You winced every time she said that and when she chose the one she did want the price made you do so as well.
     You had led a privileged life so far. Your parents made sure that you got anything you wanted, for the most part. Even so, it had not made you spoiled and you knew better than to take advantage of their generosity. You may have grown up to be glib and cynical, but you were always respectful.
     Meeting your father to give him back the ring was not something you wanted to do. You didn’t want to hurt your mother’s feelings or your father’s. You certainly didn’t want to ask him for the money to buy a new one although you knew he would give it to you. You began with some small talk and nonsense about the weather, but he was a perceptive man and he wasted no time asking what was bothering you.
     “She doesn’t like the ring.”
     He gives you a concerned look as if to wonder whether the engagement off. You feel like you’ve misspoke.
     “I mean, she likes the ring and wants to get married. She just wants her own ring.”
     He pauses to gather what you’re saying then gives out an elongated, “Oh.”
     “She thought it was very pretty, it’s beautiful,  and she’s been shoving it under everyone’s noses saying ‘Look I’m engaged’, but she doesn’t want to take mom’s ring from her, it would make her feel bad and she wants something that has her own history, our history, something that’s just between us.” You’re rambling and need to take a breath. “So, I have to give it back.”
     He knows this is difficult for you and puts one of his big hands on your shoulder. “It’s alright. I understand.”
     “Will mom?”
     “She’ll be okay too.”
     “Are you sure?”
     “Honestly, I think she missed it the moment she took it off her hand.”
     “I guess you know I’m going to need to ask you for money to buy a new one.”
     He takes his hand back and makes a grimace same as when the doctor says you’re going to feel a little prick, but then it stings like hell. “How much?”
     “Twelve grand.”
     This stuns him. “That’s a lot of money.”
     “I know. It’s what she wants.”
     “She wants a lot.” He tries to shake it off. “Is she a movie star?”
     “Are you?”
     “Not yet.”
     He gets serious. “How much money do you have?”
     “Not very much.”
     “What about the job?”
     “They aren’t really paying me anything.”
     “They will. Just hang in there.” He succumbs to the realization that there is no way out of this. “When do you need it?”
     “I’ll wire the money to your account by the end of the week.”
     “I can’t thank you enough.”
     “No, you can’t.” He gives you a warm smile. “Your future, your happiness is everything to your mother and me.”
     Before he leaves he reminds you of a previous conversation. “Make sure things work out for you at 3B Marketing. Be a go getter. They will pay you what you’re worth. I am going to need you to help pick up the slack. You aren’t cheap. Especially after today.”
     You want to tell him the job sucks and you want to quit. This isn’t the time.

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